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It's great when the details
of a mental picture come together, and the
best match is made to an existing space.
Have you ever wished you could turn painted doors or formica into rich wood or stone?

It is possible and affordable. I can transform any surface into the exact look and texture of beautiful wood, stone, antique lumber, or weathered barnboard.

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Most homeowners know what to expect from a painting contractor, and what constitutes a good job. They also know that a job must be seen up close in the light, and also touched to determine the quality of a finish. Since I cannot capture that in a photo, I've taken a different approach. I'm providing photos of projects where it is obvious that they could only be done by someone with a complete set of skills and a good eye.

I love doing these projects because it enables me to correct a design flaw on a moments notice for an affordable price. When you and I can use what is already in your home, then there is no need for expensive replacements or delay. The design possibilities can then be unleashed, while transforming the ordinary items in your home into beautiful wood or stone.

These projects can be done while I'm repainting your home or they can be done independently
Which parts are wood, which parts are stone?
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